High shear mixer

The LR series high shear mixer is good at mixing, dissolving and homogenizing of easy flowing material, it will make the material final size to be 200nm-2um. It is compact and movable, a good choice for the workshop which has limited space. There are different processing scale for choice, from lab. 5 liters to production 5000 liters. This high shear mixer will ship to Israel, the customer will use it to process liquid cosmetic.

The high shear mixer is made of stainless steel. All the contact parts are SS316L, the machine body is SS304, motor is covered by SS304, no contamination during manufacturing and very easy to clean. It looks nice and works perfect.

Please lift the homogenizer head to top position, then push the tank under homogenizer head, then down to bottom position to start production. The tank can match by yourself or our factory.

This head is homogenizer, and other heads can be replaced if necessary, such as dissolving disc. The homogenizer speed is adjustable, 0-2800rpm, frequency AC drive control. Turn the switch left, speed going down. Turn the switch right, speed going up. And the homogenizer time can be set according to your requirements. You can choose H(hour), M(minute) or S(second) freely.

Welcome to contact us if you are interested in it, it is not bad choice for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and checmical.