Filling Machine

Filling machine Introduction:

Wuxi PFCT Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, design, manufacture, sale, and service of Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic and Chemical machineries. Such as automatic plastic tube filling and sealing machine, semi automatic plastic laminated tube filling sealing machine, fully automatic alunimum tube filling and crimping machine, semi auto aluminum tube filling folding machine, laminated tube filler sealer, bottles filling and capping machine, auto filling and capping line, auto bottling machine, auto satchet packing machine, premade packing machine, auto cartrdiges filling machine, drum filling machine, adhesives filling machine, etc.

These filling machine is for filling, sealing and packing of creams, lotions, gels, hair conditioners, hair dyes, shampoo, unguent, jelly, suspension, mayonnaise, dressing, sauce, curry paste, cheese, butter spread, marmite, cake gel, additives, toothpaste, adhesives, sealants, powder, etc.. The package material is plastic tubes, laminated tubes, aluminum tubes, soft metal tubes, plastic or glass bottles or jars, drum, sachet, premade pouch, cartridges, etc..

The suitable viscosity is wide range, 0-1,600,000 cps. Different viscosity, different filling system. We can recommend you according to our 15 years practice.

The filling machine can connect with labeling machine, code printer, metal detector, weight checker, sterilizing tunel, etc.. One stop solution can be provided by us.