High shear homogenizer

High shear mixer

High shear homogenizer is the our product newly developed by technology from Germany, it is refer to the Mixer of the Germany specialty technology which have the accurate date theory, ensure the tiptop cut off frequency,  the least disperse grain, the preeminence quality.

Working process:

The high shear homogenizer on main shaft working by electromotor, according to the high shear wheel and the cutting case to strong cutting off, impact, Without rules mobility, etc. The material turn to a particle of 200nm-2um prom at the cut interstices and dispersing within a short time.

Advantage of high shear homogenizer:

Because of high-speed rotation of rotor, materials are inhaled into dispersing end in axial direction and then thrown out of rotor alveolus in radial pattern. The extremely high accelerated velocity applied on materials produces strong shear forces and crushing forces. In addition, the strong turbulent flow produced in the clearance between the rotor and stator plays the role of suitable mixing.

316L austenitic stainless steel is more acid resistant, more alkalis resistant and more high temperature resistant, the material of which is the same as that of nuclear power generating set—austenitic 316L stainless steel, because its carbon content≤0.03, it is more corrosion resistant.

The tangential velocity with its maximum reaching 24.5m/s provides the higher shear rate and can shear the materials to 200-2000nm easily.

Materials respectively are inhaled into the rotating fixed rotor system of high speed in spiral shape from up and down direction. After the synthetic action of the fixed rotor system, from the gap of the stators, 360° scatter into the container wall in four directions, flow to the bottom of the container and the page through inertia effect, and then suck in the rotor system from the top and bottom, forming a large cycle emulsification in the whole container.


The high shear homogenizer which together with motor/hydraulic lift mechanism and suit for moveable installation, that is easy to operate. The mixer costs you less and makes you big profits and can be used to operate on a variety of materials. It can not only be used separately but also be used in combination with other equipment. Stainless steel is used to prevent the mixer from being corroded by erosion materials. And with the seal sleeve on the main shaft, the mixer is capable of working in vacuum, while it is being cooled by water during operation.

Applicable of high shear homogenizer:

cosmetics, emulsion, bath shampoo, ointment, tooth paste, oil, perfume, beverage, pharmaceuticals, coating and adhesive


No. Type Capacity Power(kw) Speed(rpm)
1 LR-10 50-10KG 0.55 0-2900
2 LR-50 30-50 KG 1.5 0-2900
3 LR-150 100-150 KG 3 0-2900
4 LR-300) 200-300 KG 4 0-2900
5 LR-500 500-650 KG 7.5 0-2900
6 LR-1000 1000 KG 11 0-2900