Mixing tank

MT-(100-10,000 LITERS) Liquid mixing tank
Vacuum emulsifying tank
VET-(100-5,000 LITERS) Vacuum emulsifying tank

VET-(100-5000 Liters) Vacuum emulsifying tanks

Stirrers of mixing tank

Mixing tank is widely used inpharamceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industries. There are different volume for option. The min. volume is 50 liters, the hot sales model is 500L, 1000L, 2000L,3000L and 5000L. The stirrer is chosen according to your process and material features.

Propeller stirrer
Flow-efficient design. For drawing the material to be mixed from the top and the bottom. Minimum shearing forces. Used at medium to high speeds.
Turbine stirrer
For drawing the material to be mixed from above. Generates axial flow in the vessel. Minimum danger of injury when contact is made with vessel.

Dissolver stirrer
Radial flow, for drawing the material to be mixed from the top and the bottom. High turbulence, high shearing forces. Particle reduction.
Paddle stirrer
Effect is similar to that of a propeller stirrer. Medium to high speeds required.


High shear, emulsifying and dissolving. Different homogenizer is recommend according to materail features.

Fan strirrer

For liquid ingredients generally, slow speed.

Frame stirrer
With PEEK scraper.
Anchor stirrer
With PEEK scraper.

Different Combinations

For each process, PFCT has different equipments to match.
Following is the most common process.

We are pleased to advise you personally.