Auto cartridge filling machine

Auto cartridges filling machine

Auto cartridge filling machine Introduction

This auto cartridge filling machine is a kind of horizontal filling equipment filling silicone sealant, polyurethane sealant and such high viscosity material in the plastic cartridge, paper tube and aluminum tubes, etc.. The production is fully automatic, with no manual operation. It features accurate metering, fast filling, long time continuous operation etc., fully meeting the production requirement of domestic and foreign factories for large scale production, reduction of cost and consistent product quality.


  1. Automatic conveying cartridges and plugging
  2. Automatic filling and cutting end
  3. Manual adjustment of filling volume (automatic metering)
  4. Automatic plugging and exhausting air
  5. Automatic rotation printing code  (with user’s own jet printer) 
  6. Automatic counting
  7. Automatic setting filling parameter
  8. Automatic and manual operation are optional.
  9. Automatic alarm display and machine stop at failure like lacking cartridges, plugs and materials.