Auto plastic tube filling sealing machine

SGF-50 auto plastice tube filler sealer PFCT Machinery
SGF-50 Fully automatic type


SGF-50 auto plastic tube filling sealing machine is for both plastic and laminated tubes. The control parts of the machine are composed of intelligent man-computer interface, large touch screen display/operation control panel, including temperature setting, motor speed, filling speed, direct screen display and screen control. The components of the machine which touches the filling material are made of stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L. Transparent cover, feeding hose, feeding device are also supplied with the machine. The machine is featured with safety switch, auto-stop, soft tube positioning, photoelectric sealing control etc. During the process, hose-feeding and setting, filling and sealing, ejecting are all automatically controlled. Digital count device is installed at the low front part of the machine. During filling process the filling head is put inside the material pot to avoid air-entrance. For high viscosity filling material, blow-off device is installed to ensure a complete sealing. Many choices of sealing type are available to meet different need of clients.


Model SGF-50
Power Supply: 380V / 3 Phase / AC / 50 Hz
Main Power 1.1 kw
Produce speed 30-60(tubes/min)
Adopt to the tube diameter Plastic and laminated tube:10-50mm
Filling capacity Plastic:5-250ml
Filling precision ≤+/-1%
Air pressure 0.5-0.7 MPa


1. Full-automatically controlled by PLC. It is easy for display and operation by touch screen.

2. Adopt the spring tube pucks ensuring the same height of sealed end.

3. Automatic mark-finding device

4. This design can ensure the high filling accuracy with simple structure which is easy to remove and clean.

5. Hot air inside sealed the tube, cold water circle-cooled the outer wall of the tubes. That ensured the effect of the sealing.

6. Exhaust the harmful gases outdoors by fan.

7. Highly clear stainless steel frame

8. It’s easy to connect with emulsifier

9. It’s easy to operate between different sizes of tubes.

10. Tube filling\ sealing and batch code printing in end can be finished by system

11. Non-step frequency timing

12. Capacity setting control and capacity counting can be realized.

13. The batch code can be printed automatically in the request position

14. Alarming device \ safe-door device and machine self-stop device when over-loading

15.  No tube no fill

16. Automatic tube-exiting device. It is convenient to connect with other equipment such as cartoning machine.

17. Alarming device

Alarming information will display on touch screen

18. Machine self-stop device when over-loading.

Alarming information will display on touch screen

19. Safe-door switching device.

When door opened,machine stops

20. Emergency stop button

Mechanical control parts:

  1. Tube feeder
  2. Press the tube into the tube holder
  3. Mark-checking: up-down action
  4. Filling nozzle down to the tube
  5. Heating arrange (the tube up to near the heating ring)
  6. End sealing
  7. End cutting
  8. Tube exist

Pneumatic control:

  1. Open and close of the filling valve
  2. Blowing system

Electric control:

  1. Mark-checking: tube rotation (Stepper Motor)
  2. Heating temperature (PLC control)