ZJR-150/200 Cosmetic creams vacuum emulsifying mixer

vacuum emulsifying mixer

ZJR-150/200 Cosmetic creams vacuum emulsifying mixer is good at preparation of all kinds cosmetic creams, such as skin care creams, lotions, aloe vera gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, etc.. The final partical size can be 200nm-2um after emulsifying, the creams quality is greatly improved.

Technical Parameters:
Emulsifying tank
Design Volume(L)150200
Working Capacity(L)120160
Scraper Stirring Speed(rpm)0-860-65
Homogenizer Speed(rpm)0-28000-2800
Electrical Heating Power(kw)612
Vacuum Pump Power(kw)1.51.5
Water tank
Design Volume(L)100130
Working Capacity(L)80100
Disperser Speed(rpm)14001400
Oil tank
Design Volume(L)75100
Working Capacity(L)6080
Disperser Speed(rpm)14001400
Total power
Electrical Heating(kw)2742
Steam heating912
Length (mm)2650300
Width (mm)27002300
Closing Hight (mm)25002500
Rising Hight (mm)33503500