Emulsifying pump

The emulsifying pump can be applied in petrifaction, paint, dyestuff, dope, pharmacy, grease, fine chemical, foods and beverage industries. For powder and liquid application, the machine can disperse and dissolve high adherent and high solid percentage prodcts easily. For liquid and liquid application, the machine can emulsify grease, liquid and reagent, and shear cellularities. For gaseity, liquid and solid application, the machine can mix and disperse products with absorbing, dissolving and extracting. It also has the ability to transfer products.

These emulsifying pump will ship to Uzbekistan, use for the emulsifying and dissolving of chemical liquid. It is inline and continuous emulsifying, very high efficient in production.

It is also a good emulsifying choice for big capacity tanks. First, the homogenizer motor is big, the installation is not easy if installed inside tank. The emulsifying pump is compact structure, very easy to move, and freely connected to the tank. Second, the emulsifying pump can circulate the material, better emulsifying effect. Third, the emulsifying pump also works like a pump, it can transfer material from preparation mixing tanks to holding tanks. Save the cost of transfer pump.

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