ZJR-650/850 Vacuum homogenizer mixer for kin care products

Vacuum homogenizer mixer

ZJR-650/850 vacuum homogenizer mixer for skin care products are hot sales at our factory, it is cost effective compare to small models. This vacuum homogenizer mixer are widely used in growing cosmetic factories. It is good at preparation of body lotions and creams, aloe vera gel, facial creams, etc..

The vacuum homogenizer mixer with one unit emulsifying tank, one unit water phase pre-processing tank and one unit oil phase pre-processing tank. The water phase and oil phase tanks are optional. Besides, the stirrer can be custom made. Standard stirrer in pre-processing tanks are dissolving disperser, you can replace it by blades, homogenizer or propeller etc..

For 650L and bigger size model, it is better to use steam heating (electric heating is optional), the heating speed is much more faster than electric heating. The heating is auto control and the temperature are digital display. And there are button control panel and PLC + touch screen control panel for choice. It is up to your budget.

Technical Parameters:
Emulsifying tank
Design Volume(L)650850
Working Capacity(L)520680
Scraper Stirring Speed(rpm)0-450-45
Homogenizer Speed(rpm)0-28000-2800
Electrical Heating Power(kw)1818
Vacuum Pump Power(kw)2.22.2
Water tank
Design Volume(L)400500
Working Capacity(L)320400
Disperser Speed(rpm)960960
Oil tank
Design Volume(L)320400
Working Capacity(L)250300
Disperser Speed(rpm)960960
Total power
Electrical Heating(kw)7070
Steam heating2222
Length (mm)36503650
Width (mm)34203420
Closing Hight (mm)32303230
Rising Hight (mm)45604560