Colloid mill

colloid mill

Colloid mill Brief introduction:

RY colloid mill will make the emulsions be fine and glossy. As the science and technology developing, the request of the products is higher and higher. We adopt the advanced experience; combine the strong suit of homogenizer and rubbing machine, R&D out the multifunctional delicate emulsifying and rubbing machine series. It provides a solution for producing colloid or the high viscosity material which requests emulsifying and rubbing enough. It can be used with emulsifying mixer or planet mixer and also can be used individually.

Working elements:

The emulsifying & rubbing machine’s linear velocity can get to 21M/S. The rubbing module composed by a spud stator which has third stage adjusting clearance and a four stage circumrotating in high speed spud rotor. The rubbing clearance can be adjusted from 0.01mm to 2mmsteplessly according the producing request. The flute of the stator and rotor is more delicate and more delicate by steps. The different depth and direction increased the on flow of the hydro-. When the material goes through, it forms strong pressing, cutting, emulsifying, crushing, mixing, dispersing and rubbing. Then get the delicate ultramicrosome. There is circular water outside the spud stator and in the outlet mouth and sealing part.

Usage scope

Food industry:butter、jam、dairy products、vegetable proteins、animal proteins and various of food and beverage.

Chemical industry:Paints, pigments, dyes, paints, adhesives, detergents, synthetic leather, leather etc.

Daily use industry:Toothpaste, detergent, shoe polish, senior cosmetics etc.

Medical industry:Syrup, nutrition, medicine, pastes pharmaceutical, biotechnology products, cod liver oil, all kinds of ointment etc.