ZJR-30/50/100 Pharmaceutical ointment emulsifying mixer

Pharmaceutical ointment emulsifying mixer

ZJR-30/50/100 Pharmaceutical ointment emulsifying mixer are widely used in hospital and pharmaceutical factories. The batch capacity is small for ointment generally. It is ok for gels too, disinfecting gel, conductive gel, pharmaceutical gel, etc..

Technical Parameters:
Emulsifying tank
Design Volume(L)3050100
Working Capacity(L)254080
Scraper Stirring Speed(rpm)0-860-860-86
Homogenizer Speed(rpm)0-28000-28000-2800
Electrical Heating Power(kw)346
Vacuum Pump Power(kw)0.370.370.55
Water tank
Design Volume(L)253860
Working Capacity(L)203045
Disperser Speed(rpm)140014001400
Oil tank
Design Volume(L)17.52545
Working Capacity(L)142035
Disperser Speed(rpm)140014001400
Total power
Electrical Heating(kw)121424
Steam heating559
Length (mm)140014501750
Width (mm)600600650
Closing Hight (mm)190019502150
Rising Hight (mm)240025002850