ZJR-250/350 Bottom homogenizer mixer for creams

Bottom homogenizer mixer

ZJR-250/350 Bottom homogenizer mixer for creams are hot sales at our factory. It is widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. It can handle lower capacity material compare to top homogenizer of the same model.


Cosmetic industry: facial cream, skin care cream, lotion, hair conditioners, gel, hair dyes, shampoo, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: ointment, gel, etc.

Food industry: curry paste, mayonnaise, sauce, dressing, cheese, etc.

Chemical industry: toothpaste, resin, adhesives, etc.

Technical Parameters:
Emulsifying tank
Design Volume(L)250350
Working Capacity(L)200280
Scraper Stirring Speed(rpm)0-650-65
Homogenizer Speed(rpm)0-28000-2800
Electrical Heating Power(kw)1212
Vacuum Pump Power(kw)1.52.2
Water tank
Design Volume(L)160250
Working Capacity(L)128200
Disperser Speed(rpm)14001400
Oil tank
Design Volume(L)160250
Working Capacity(L)105150
Disperser Speed(rpm)14001400
Total power
Electrical Heating(kw)4248
Steam heating1212
Length (mm)3002950
Width (mm)23002720
Closing Hight (mm)25002750
Rising Hight (mm)35003850