Inline homogenizer

Inline homogenizer


High shear inline homogenizer is a kind of high performance device which used for producing continually or dealing with delicate material circulate. In the cabined cavity, there are 1—3 sets antithetic occlude many layers stator and rotor. The rotor runs in high speed to cause suction by changeable running order to absorb the material. Material is dispersed, cut and emulsified in shortest time by stator and rotor dispersing, emulsifying step by step. The diameter of the grain becomes smaller sharply. The transmission shaft in the cavity adopts cantilever type. Flexible clutch connects the motor and main bearing in the bearing box, it improve the running quality of the transmission shaft. It is a high-performance pump together with mixing, dispersing, crashing, emulsifying and transporting. It is suitable for middle or large continue production or circulate producing process.


Client can choose the type according to the material’s characteristic and process request:

Rough tooth type            middle tooth type              thin tooth type

According to the different rotor , it can be divided into: rough tooth type, middle tooth type, thin tooth type etc.

According to the structure, it can be divided into:

Vertical, horizontal; level-I type, level-II type level-III type etc.

Food industry: milk, beer, chocolate, syrup etc.

Daily use chemicals: cosmetics, fragrance, toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, shoe polish, soap, face cream etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: emulsifier, syrup, nutrition, medicine , Paste the pharmaceutical, bio-products etc.

Chemical industry: paints, dyes, paints, oil agent, emulsified asphalt, adhesives, leather goods etc.


ModelPower(kw)Speed(RPM)Capacity              (1000L/Hour)
GXR 1-1002.228000-3
GXR 1-130428000-4
GXR 1-1405.528000-5
GXR -1801128000-12
GXR -1851528000-18
GXR -2002228000-25
GXR -2103028000-35
GXR -2304528000-50
GXR -2455528000-75
GXR -2607528000-90
GXR -2759028000-110
GXR -28013228000-130