Mixing machines

Maintenance of emulsifier mixer

The emulsifier mixer has applications in cosmetics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, fine chemicals and other industries. Such as daily chemical and cosmetics industries: skin care cream, shaving cream, shampoo, toothpaste, cold cream, sunscreen, facial cleanser, gel, detergent, shampoo, etc. ; Pharmaceutical industry: latex, lotion, ointment, gel, oral liquid, oral syrup, etc. Food industry: dressing, mayonnaise, pastry, sauce, …

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The difference between colloid mill and emulsifier

Both colloid mill and emulsifier can produce equipment for shearing, emulsifying, dispersing and mixing materials, so many customers will compare colloid mill and emulsifier, but in fact, colloid mill and emulsifier are two kinds of equipment based on principle, structure, and use. The colloid mill is a kind of grinding equipment, the structure is very …

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ZJR-50 pharmaceutial ointment mixer shipped to USA

ZJR-50 pharmaceutial ointment mixer

ZJR-50 pharmaceutial ointment mixer is hot sale at our factory, it will be shipped to USA for pharmaceutical ointment preparation. 50L batch capacity not only used for new products developping but also used for production. This 50L pharmaceutical ointment mixer is PLC and touch screen control, you can operate all actions in the program except …

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ZJD-1500L mayonnaise processing machine

ZJD-1500 mayonnaise processing machine

ZJD-1500L mayonnaise processing machine is good at preparation of all kinds emulsion food, like mayonnaise, dressing, ketchup, paste, etc.. This ZJD-1500L mayonnaise preparation plant will ship to Vietnam factory whoes food is high reputation locally. They also export to abroad, USA is their big market. ZJR series mayonnaise processing machine can process a batch food …

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How to make hair conditioner

hair conditioner making machine

Hair conditioner function There is a thin oil film on the surface of healthy hair, which can keep the hair shiny and maintain the water and oil balance of the hair. If you use shampoos with strong degreasing ability to dye your hair frequently, perm, etc., it is easy to damage the oil film layer, …

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650L cosmetic mixer shipped to Ecuador

650L cosmetic mixer

650L cosmetic mixer shipped to Ecuador, we met this customer at exhibtion Interpack several years ago, he is a big cosmetic manufacturer in Ecuador. 650L cosmetic mixer is a hot sale model for customers in cosmetic industry, most medium and large cosmetic manufacturers are using it. And it is more cost-affective compare with smaller models. …

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High shear emulsifier

high shear emulsifier

These GXR1 high shear emulsifier will ship to Ukraine, for liquid pesticide production. They purchased from us several times, they are happy with our excellent quality. High shear emulsifier also named inline homogenizer or pipeline high shear dispersing emulsifier. It is widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutcial and chemical industries. It is much more economical than …

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Which food processing machine is hot sale now

food processing machine

As the saying goes, hunger breeds discontentment. Food is always necessary no matter the ecnomic is good or not, condiments that make food more delicious and the machine which make tasteful food is necessary too. Which condiments are in high demand? Which machine are hot sale? From the quantity of inquiry, we know pastry sauce …

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3000L vacuum emulsifying tank

3000L vacuum emulsifying tank

This two units 3000L vacuum emulsifying tank is for dairy products manufacturing. The customer is a big food manufacturer in Vietnam, they not only manufacture dairy products, but also seasoning, like mayonnaise, ketchup, sauce etc.. They purchased from us many times, not only vacuum emulsifying tank, but also ZJR vacuum homogeneous mixer, LR high shear …

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