ZJR-5/10 Laboratory cream vacuum homogenizer mixer

ZJR-10 lab. cream vacuum homogenizer mixer

ZJR-5/10 Laboratory cream vacuum homogenizer mixer is good at processing of all kinds creams, such as cosmetic skin care creams, pharmaceutical ointment, pharmaceutical gel, aloe vera gel, toothpaste, biologics, food dressing, mayonnaise, etc.. It is a good choice for new product development.

Emulsifying tank
Design Volume(L)610
Stirrer Power(kw)0.550.55
Scraper and blade Stirrer Speed(rpm)0-860-86
Homogenizer power(kw)0.551.1
Heating power(kw)22
Homogenizer speed (rpm)     0-28000-2800
Vacuum degree-0.09Mpa-0.09Mpa
Jacket pressure:0.3Mpa0.3Mpa
Discharge methodTiltingTilting
Water tank
Design Volume(L)3.357.8
Stirring power(kw)0.0250.025
Stirring speed(rpm)12001200
Heating power(kw)11
Oil tank
Design Volume (L)3.357.8
Capacity (L)2.76
Stirring power (kw)0.0250.025
Stirring speed (rpm)12001200