Precautions for using vacuum homogenizer

  1. Please jog test the running of each moving parts before vacuum homogenizer working.
  2. Pease regulate smaller of the steam inlet or generator steam outlet when the steam pressure is too big with steam leakge.
  3. Please open the vent port to make the vacuum meter 0 Mpa when lifting up the cover. Please pay attention of your hand and any tools during operation. The pot cover can’t be lifted at the condition of vacuum.
  4. The homogenizer can not run without any material to avoid any damage. If you want to try really, no more than 1 minute.
  5. Please set the homogenizer time before turn on the time relay, otherwise it wont stop automatically once the set time reached.
  6. The pot cover can’t be lifted when it is stirring. If the pot cover is lifted, the stirring system can’t be turned on. If the tilting pot haven’t reset, the pot cover can’t be lifted.
  7. Please clean and sterilize the machine regularly to ensure the prodocuts quality and safety.

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