What is the price of emulsification mixer

  1. The capacity of emulsification mixer is very important. There is 5 liters to 5000 liters model for your choice. Different capacity, different price. For model choice, pls refer to our page ZJR vacuum homogenous mixer.
  2. There are two control panel for choice, button or PLC + HMI control. The PLC type is more expensive than button type. Besides, for PLC type, there is auto valves and manual valves for optional. Auto valves is higher price.
  3. For some emulsification, no need water phase and oil phase pre-process tanks, it will save some cost.
  4. For mixer contact parts, you can use SS304 or SS316L. SS316L is better for corrosive ingredients, but if there is no corrosive ingredients, SS304 is good enough. For pharmaceutical products, generally use SS316L for all contact parts. For food products, generally use SS304. For cosmetic products, sometimes use SS304, sometimes use SS316L. SS304 is lower cost than SS316L.
  5. For the electric parts, there are several brands. Better brand parts, higher price.
  6. Whether the control system need Flame-proof or not. The cost of flame-proof system is very expensive.

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