10L vacuum homogenizer mixer ship to Vietnam

ZJR-10L cover lifting vacuum homogenizer mixer

This 10L vacuum homogenizer mixer is for pharmaceutical creams, the max. speed is 6000rpm, AC drive to regulate the speed. It is a good choice for developping new products in labrotary. This customer is new cooperator in Vietnam, they process pharmaceutical products locally. They bought from us after more than one year communication. The machine …

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High shear emulsifier

high shear emulsifier

These GXR1 high shear emulsifier will ship to Ukraine, for liquid pesticide production. They purchased from us several times, they are happy with our excellent quality. High shear emulsifier also named inline homogenizer or pipeline high shear dispersing emulsifier. It is widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutcial and chemical industries. It is much more economical than …

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100L bottom homogenizer

100L bottom homogenizer

For vacuum homogeneous mixer, there are top homogenizer and bottom homogenizer for choice. The customers choose it according to their process and min. production capacity. Generally the bottom homogenizer can process lower capacity material than top homogenizer. This 100L bottom homogenizer is for creams preparation, it was ship to Southeast Asia last weekend. The customer …

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1300L vacuum homogenizer mixer

ZJR-1300 vacuum homogenizer mixer

PFCT machinery was busy at August, many machines need to be installed and test at this month. The biggest mixer is ZJR-1300L vacuum homogenizer mixer which is good at skin care products processing. The ZJR-1300L vacuum homogenizer mixer is used in middle scale and big scale cosmetic factories who have good market in cosmetic industry. …

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ZJR-350L vacuum homogenizer

ZJR-350L vacuum homogenizer

ZJR-350L vacuum homogenizer is hot sale in our factory. It is widely used for lotions, creams, gels, ointment, paste, sauce, toothpaste, etc.. in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. The water phase tank and oil phase tank is optional, it saves heating time and improves the production efficient. 350L means full volume of homogenizer tank, …

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