ZJR-5 mixer for cosmetic creams

The ZJR-5 mixer and GS-1 pneumatic filling machine were shipped to Shanghai warehouse last week, it is for manufacturing of cosmetic creams. For one of our clients in Indonesia.

The ZJR-5 mixer and GS-1 pneumatic filling machine is used for new products developping generally. ZJR-5 mixer is for preparation of cosmetic creams, lotions, etc.. With vacuum, heating and cooling system. The vacuum will take off the bubbles in the creams, will make creams to be gloosy. The high shear homogenizer will cut the ingredients to be smaller size, the creams will be easily absorbed by the skin.

GS-1 pneumatic filling machine is a simple and easy operation filling machine. There are many filling range for choice, like 10-75g, 20-300g, 100-500g, 200-1000g, etc.. It is good at filling of liquids and creams. It is compact structure, easy for operation and maintenance. The filling speed is 30-50 bottles per minute, a high performance machine for the start plant.

Indonesia`s economy is developping good recently years, more and more inquiries come from there. Hope PFCT Machinery will bring a good market to our clients.