GS-1 Pneumatic filling machine


GS-1 pneumatic filling machine is suitable for filling water, cream, lotion etc. According to the filling requirement, the worktable is adjustable to go up and down. The filling feeding: by hopper or transfer pump. Control method: pneumatic


  1. Compressed Air pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa Volume>0.3m3/min
  2. Filling Capacity: A: 5-15, B:10-75, C:20-150, D: 50-300, E: 100-500, F: 200-1000g,G: 1000-5000g
  3. Mechanical Capacity: 10~50 bottles/min.
  4. Filling Error: <2%
  5. Hopper capacity: 30L
  6. Overall Diameter of Filling Container: Depending on material and filling quantity.
  7. 500mm*500mm*800mm
  8. weight: 80kgs