High shear emulsifier

These GXR1 high shear emulsifier will ship to Ukraine, for liquid pesticide production. They purchased from us several times, they are happy with our excellent quality.

High shear emulsifier also named inline homogenizer or pipeline high shear dispersing emulsifier. It is widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutcial and chemical industries. It is much more economical than ZJR vacuum emulsifying mixer. And The high shear emulsifier always match to big tanks for external circulation, for improving the material quality and production efficient.

high shear emulsifier

High shear meulsifier is mechanical seal, with water cooling for protection. PFCT Machinery provide different capacity model according to flow rate. For different viscosity material, we recomend different rotators and different model. For same model, more flow rate for liquid, lower flow rate for thick and viscosity material. According to the different rotor , it can be divided into: rough tooth type, middle tooth type, thin tooth type etc..

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