How to make mayonnaise by yolk powder?

Mayonnaise is currently made from egg yolks or yolk powder on the market generally. In this article, we mainly talk about how to make mayonnaise by yolk powder.

First, you need to have a reliable recipe. There are many recipes on the market, some with high percentage oil, eg. 80%, some with low percentage oil, eg. 20%. Please choose it according to local market preference. The ingredients of mayonnaise include yolk powder, oil, water, sugar, vinegar, salt etc..

Below is a recipe for example:

yolk power6.69%
potassium sorbate0.16%
total receipe100%

Second, you need a good tool to prepare the mayonnaise. Here tool we mean is for industry manufacturing. The best tool is ZJD mayonnaise preparation plant, about 3-5 minutes per batch, 3 times efficient of ZJR vacuum homogeneous mixer. Then ZJR vacuum homogeneous mixer. ZJR can process mayonnaise well too, just need longer time. But the advantage is its cost. It is less cost than ZJD. For more information of ZJD and ZJR mixer, pls visit our products.

Below is the pictures of ZJD mayonnaise preparation plant.

Below is the pictures of and ZJR vacuum homogeneous mixer.

The high shear homogenizer can emulsify the mayonnaise very well, no any separation between water and oil even after long time. The minmum size can be 200nm. It taste well.

Step 1: Put all the ingredients into the cooker exept oil and mixing 2 minutes at the max. speed.

Step 2: start the homogenizer and feed oil slowly and continue mixing at the max. speed if there is still some lumps. By the end of this step, the product must be smooth and without lumps. The homogeneous time is about 3 minutes. (Note: all the mixing steps are processed between 0 degree Celsius to 15 degree Celsius)

Steps 3: stabilize the final product in cool chamber for 48 hours. About 2-4 degree Celsius.

So far, the mayonnaise is ready for packing. If you need help of mayonnaise preparation, welcome to contact PFCT Machinery.