Features of diagnostic reagent filling machine

The diagnostic reagent filling machine adopts a miniature self-priming peristaltic pump, a microcomputer to control the working time and intermittent time of the pump, quantitative automatic filling, and automatic setting of the tube filling time.

The features of diagnostic reagent filling machine as below:

  1. The filling material of the diagnostic reagent filling machine only flows in the hose, does not pass through any parts in the machine, will not damage the pump head, has a long service life, and can realize pollution-free filling.
  2. It is widely applicable. Almost all liquids with good fluidity can be filled. It is suitable for the filling of materials that require high sanitary conditions, such as nutrient solutions, biological agents, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and toxic, polluting, and corrosive liquids. , A real easy-to-use filling machine.
  3. The automatic biological reagent filling machine can fill at high temperature and withstand the temperature up to 180 degrees Celsius.
  4. The diagnostic reagent filling machine can replace different hoses when filling materials that cannot be cross-contaminated. There is no possibility of cross-contamination, and it is very convenient to disinfect and clean.
  5. The filling nozzle is custom made according to neck size of tubes.

Different material, different filling system. If you are confused of the filling system, we shall recommend you according to material features.