ZJR-2500 big vacuum emulsifying mixer export to Philippines

ZJR-2500 Vacuum emulsifying mixer have exported to Philippines, the customer will use it for cosmetic creams manufacturing. They bought our ZJR-650 before. The ZJR-650 services them more than 7 years already. Its high performance is amazing our customer, and help them to enlarge the capacity because of glossy fine creams. They need bigger machine ZJR-2500 to meet the bigger and better marketing right now.

In the high viscosity of emulsion, especially the manufacturing process of cream, ointment, emulsion products, usually the most problematic is the dispersed phase particle size and mixing the air mixed with products, grain size is too large a everywhere emulsion instability, lack luster; products into the air will make the products bubble, bacterial contamination, easy oxidation and the appearance is not smooth. For the two in question, our developed ZJR series vacuum homogeneous gasification unit, by the quality agitator blade mixing, scraping the wall, the center has stirred their complement each other, are combined into a mixing the best way, to achieve the perfect mixed products. The color and the vacuum pumping mode, so that the production for export in the mixing process of no air bubbles, which can produce shiny, delicate and good ductility of high quality products.

Our customer prefer hydraulic lifting and tilting control which is same as ZJR-650. It is better in GMP and maintenance, but the cost is more expensive than VET vacuum emulsifying tanks which without hydraulic lifting tilting system. Because it is more difficult in structure and assembiling, it needs more technology support during production. Just a few factories can make it, it is a challenging still in China right now. If you want to get same good products with lower cost machine, VET model is a good choice too.

ZJR-2500 used bottom homogenizer with machanical seals, it is better for homogenizer shaft protection. If use top homogenizer, the homogenizer shaft is too long to work reliable. Besides, it is a big problem for maintenance in the future, the machine is very high, unless your workshop is high enough for it. The top mixer is counter direction frame stirrer with scraper sweeping, it can clean the material in wall and mix all material well.

After the materials are heated & mixed in water pot and oil pot, they are drawn into the emulsifying boiler by the vacuum pump. Adopting the middle stirrer & Teflon scrapers, the emulsifying boiler can sweep the residues on the wall of the boiler. Then the materials are cut off, compressed and folded by the blades. By the strong cutting off force and the impact and turbulent current from the high-speed shear wheel and fixed cutting case, the materials are cut off and turned to particles of 200 nm- 2 um promptly. Because the emulsifying boiler is under vacuum state, the bubbles that are produced in the course of mixing will be taken away in time.