Which heating sealing is better for soft tubes?

Which heating sealing is better for soft tubes? We have to judge from soft tube material and the purchase cost.

First, judge from material of soft tube.

If it is plastic tube, it is better to use internal hot air heating. The seal looks more beautiful and can withstand greater force, it is good for products quality after filling.

If it is laminated tube, both internal hot air and external electric heating can be used. But it need to replace more machine parts for hot air inner heating if you have several diameter tubes.

Second, judge from purchase cost.

The purchase cost of internal hot air heating type is higher than external electric eating type. If it is plastic tube, choose internal hot air heating type certainly. But for aluminum-plastic laminated tube, external electric heating type is cheaper and more covenient to operate. First, no need to replace the electric heating blocks for different diameter tubes. Second, replace less parts, not only save cost but also save production time.

In short, if you want to seal both plasti tubes and laminated tubes, internal hot air heating is better. If you want to seal laminated tubes only, external electric heating way is better.

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