Russia and Ukraine go to war, where will China go?

Russia and Ukraine have been at war for 3 days, USA does not stand by Ukraine, just proposed economic sanctions against Russia.

China as a separate country with 5000 years traditional cultures, we like peace. The developing of Chinese economic is by hard work of Chinese, not any war. We are very sorry for Russia and Ukraine war, and worried about the safety of the people under the war. We hope the problem can be solved after negotiation.

The war affects not only the economies of the two countries, but also the economy of the world. Russia and Ukraine are important in farm and energy export. China import large quantities of agricultural products and natural gas from Russia and Ukraine, we are good partners. We believe everyone would like to live in safe and rich countries. We hope we will keep good cooperation in the future too, import agricultural products and energy from them, and export industry machinery to them.

Although Wuxi PFCT just exported a few mixing and filling machines to Russia and Ukraine before because of language, we believe they need more machines for economic developing. We hope our industry machines will help them to recover their economic soon.

Finally, hope the war can be stopped soon, and the people`s life recover happiness and prosperous.