Adhesives filling capping machine

502 Adhesives filling capping machine

Semi auto adhesives filling capping machine

Automatic adhesives filling capping machine

Automatic adhesives filling capping machine

SGX type is Cyanoacrelate Adhesives Filling Capping Machine. The machine is specially designed and suitable for filling & sealing of plastic bottles. There are 16 stations totally, all the actions is finished during the moving.


Bottle feeding (by hand or automatic feeding), Filling, Detection (No bottle, no filling, no capping), Cap Feeding, Cap Sealing, Bottle exist.

Working theory:

 The filling is by gravity, self-suction or pressure. Meanwhile, the caps are fed with the help of electro-magnetic vibration tray and are screwed by motor. Thus caps are screwed tightly. Step-less speed regulation and photoelectric detection is adopted, no bottle, no filling. It is used for the filling and sealing of liquid material or 502 glue. The machine is best for glue manufacture and can also used in fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, advertisement, etc.


1.       Voltage: 380V±10%

2.       Mechanical Capacity: 30~50time/min. (step-less)

3.       Filling Quantity: 0.5ml and 1ml

4.       Filling Precision: >98%

5.       Cap Screw: 99% (up to standard)

6.       Number of bottle holder: 16

8.       Power: 1.5kw

9.       Weight: 400kg

10.   Dimension: 1000mm*600mm*1700mm