Alibaba’s Jack Ma, China’s Richest Man, to Retire From Company He Co-Founded

Alibaba co-founder and chairman Jack Ma will step down as head of the e-commerce giant on September 10, 2019, the company said on Monday.

Ma is staying on as executive chairman for 12 months to “ensure a smooth transition” before handing over his role to chief executive officer Daniel Zhang, Alibaba said in a statement.

“While remaining as executive chairman in the next 12 months, I will work closely with Daniel to ensure a smooth and successful transition,” Ma said in the statement.

“Thereafter, I will stay on the Alibaba board of directors until our annual shareholders meeting in 2020.”

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Frankly, he will have colorful retire life in the future absolutely. He, dressed punk, sang two songs <you raise me up> and <blown life>(a famous Chinese song) on the 20th Anniversary Annual Meeting of Alibaba on Sep. 10th.