Disinfectant gel liquid mixer

Nature of disinfectant gel

Disposable disinfectant gel (sanitizer gel), which can be widely used in daily life, has a good disinfection and sterilization effect, and has a continuous antibacterial effect. The disinfectant gel contains triclosan as the main component, and is matched with a suitable solvent, a thickener or an excipient, a neutralizer and a moisturizer. The agent is prepared and can be used for disinfection, sterilization and bacteriostasis of the skin and the surface of the object to prevent the occurrence of contact infectious diseases.

Disposable Disinfectant gel is developed based on the good compatibility of triclosan with a variety of chemical raw materials, the synergistic activity of ethanol and triclosan, and the continuous bacteriostatic properties of triclosan to develop a bacteriostatic effect Wash gel-like disinfectant.

Choice of disinfectant gel liquid mixer

It is up to the formular and process of disinfectant gel liquid, also the budget of customers. For high quality gels, we usually recommend ZJR vacuum emulsifying mixer. Or preparation mixing tank with inline homogenizer. For economical type disinfectant gel and liquid, LR high shear homogenizer is ok.

Notice: Due to the high ethanol ratio, explosion protection is usually required.