Mixing tanks is waiting for shipping

The customer is the factory to make cosmetics products, such as lotions, creams, hair conditioners, jelly and shampoo. Their products is very popular in Africa markets. They bought several sets different stirrer mixing tanks for their production.

The homogenizer on main shaft working by electromotor, according to the high shear wheel and the cutting case to strong cutting off、impact、Without rules mobility, etc. The material turn to a particle of 200nm-2um prom at the cut interstices and dispersing within a short time.

The high shear homogenizer is good at emulsifying and homogenizing of lotions, creams and hair conditioners. Because of high-speed rotation of rotor, materials are inhaled into dispersing end in axial direction and then thrown out of rotor alveolus in radial pattern. The extremely high accelerated velocity applied on materials produces strong shear forces and crushing forces. In addition, the strong turbulent flow produced in the clearance between the rotor and stator plays the role of suitable mixing.

For shampoo and jelly, the customer use scraper mixer, it will sweep the material cleanly and mixing dissolving it very well. They does not use vacuum system. For fine and glossy quality shampoo, it is better to use vacuum system and homogenizer mixer. It is also related with your technical processing.

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