emulsifying tank

3000L vacuum emulsifying tank

3000L vacuum emulsifying tank

This two units 3000L vacuum emulsifying tank is for dairy products manufacturing. The customer is a big food manufacturer in Vietnam, they not only manufacture dairy products, but also seasoning, like mayonnaise, ketchup, sauce etc.. They purchased from us many times, not only vacuum emulsifying tank, but also ZJR vacuum homogeneous mixer, LR high shear …

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Creams homogenizing mixer

Vacuum homogenizing mixer Vacuum emulsifying mixer is mainly used for creams manufacturing, such as cosmetic cream, pharmaceutical cream, chemical cream, toothpaste, etc.. The ZJR Vacuum Homogenizing Mixer is composed of emulsifying pot, oil pot, water pot, vacuum unit, heating & cooling system, electric/hydraulic lifting system and electrical control system etc. The emulsifying pot is composed …

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