How to make hair conditioner

Hair conditioner function

There is a thin oil film on the surface of healthy hair, which can keep the hair shiny and maintain the water and oil balance of the hair. If you use shampoos with strong degreasing ability to dye your hair frequently, perm, etc., it is easy to damage the oil film layer, resulting in dry, brittle, and yellow hair. Therefore, you need to add oil and moisture to restore the softness, elasticity and luster of the hair.

The basic principle of hair conditioner is to attach hair care ingredients to the surface of the hair, lubricate the epidermis, reduce friction, and reduce hair damage during combing. In addition, the protective film formed by hair care ingredients can slow down the decrease in moisture content in the hair caused by changes in humidity and prevent excessive drying of the hair.

Hair conditioner is generally an oil-in-water emulsion with water as the continuous phase. In high-temperature water, cationic surfactants and linear fatty alcohols can form a lamellar liquid crystal phase, which transforms into a lamellar crystal gel network when cooled. It can ensure that the product has sufficient viscosity, so as to obtain a good feeling of use.

How to make hair conditioner?

First, please heat all the water phase ingredients up to 90 degrees Celsius, and melt all the oil phase ingredients.

Second, please add the water phases ingredients into oil phase ingredients when it heat to 75 degrees Celsius, mixing and emulsifying.

Third, please add flavors, colors, preservatives and other ingredients when the mixture cool to 45 degrees Celsius, mixing well and cool down to environment temperature, then you will get the O/W hair conditioner.

Which machine is good at hair conditioner making?

hair conditioner mixer
hair conditioner making machine

For hair conditioner making machine, it need suitable stirrer and homogenizer. Because of its viscosity, it need scraper mixer certainly. For oil in water emulsions, homogenizer is necessary. Besides, it need heating and cooling during manufacturing, so jacket heating and cooling layer is necessary too. So our vacuum emulsifying mixing tank is a good choice for hair conditioner making. It is also a cost-effective hair conditioner mixer. You will get very good quality hair conditioner after using it.

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