Mayonnaise filling line


This mayonnaise filling line is suitable for the filling of creams food, such as mayonnaise, sauce, dressing, sala dressing, paste, ketchup, marmite, etc. We learn from advanced foreign technology companies to research and develop a new generation of filling machine. The machine adopts volume measurement of pneumatic piston-cylinder, set electrical and pneumatic together. It is controlled by pneumatic. It has compact structure, rational design and high intensity automation. It is featured with accurate filling, stable and reliable run, efficient working and long life. It is widely used in medicine, food, cosmetic and chemical industry. It can fill liquid, semi liquid, lotions and cream. The filling head has leak-proof and back suction device. There is no drawing and drip during filling. This filling machine applies to every kind of bottles, such as glass bottle-plastic bottle-cans. According to the need of customer, the material box has self-supply material system to ensure abundant material. The device has the functions such as no bottle no filling, auto material feeding, alarm set, heating and mixing material in the hopper.


  1. The contact part with material is 316 stainless steel made; it is made according to GMP standard.
  2. Connect quickly, wash simple and fast
  3. Filling speed can regulate, change different size of bottles need not to change parts and regulate easily.
  4. The filling head has leak-proof device. There is no drawing and drip during filling.

Technical parameters:

Filling quantity: 500-1000ml

Filling speed: (6 nozzles) 30-60 bottle/min

Filling quantity: ≤±1%

Voltage: 380v/50Hz

Supply pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa

Power: 1.5KW

Dimension: 2200*1300*2100

Weight: 280KG