‘Manufacturer’ information no longer appears on Korean domestic cosmetics

At present, the manufacturer’s mark on Korean cosmetic packaging is an essential requirement, and it may be changed to an optional requirement in the future.

The Common Democrat Kim Sanghui recently proposed a partial legal amendment to the Cosmetics Act containing the above.

According to the current law, information on cosmetics dealers and cosmetics manufacturers must be indicated on cosmetic packaging.
Previously, the cosmetics sector was mainly monopolized by commissioned manufacturers or commissioned by overseas companies to manufacture similar products, which may have an impact on domestic exporters.

The amendment includes the change of Article 10, paragraph 2 of the Cosmetics Act, ‘Business name and address of the business’, to the content and address of the “responsible cosmetics seller and custom cosmetics seller”.

This includes the cosmetics liability sales manager not accepting compulsory education, cosmetics manufacturers or cosmetics liability sellers in violation of educational orders to impose fines.

Mr. Kim Sanghui said that “the quality and safety responsibility of the products in circulation lies in the sellers of cosmetics liability. In order to coordinate with foreign regulations, there is no need to obligate to indicate the information of the cosmetics producers. Therefore, only the cosmetics responsible sellers are listed on the packaging of cosmetics. Business name and address.”

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