Kazakhstan: 9,900 arrested in riots

On January 11, the Russian Satellite News Agency reported that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan announced that the country had arrested 9,900 people in the context of riots.

According to the CCTV news, Kazakh President Tokayev said in a video call with EU Council President Michel on the 10th local time that the recent violent actions by terrorists in Kazakhstan have caused a large number of casualties among law enforcement personnel and civilians, about 1,300 commercial facilities were damaged, more than 100 shopping malls and banks were attacked, and about 500 police cars were burned.

According to Tokayev’s preliminary assessment, Kazakhstan’s domestic economic loss is about 2 billion to 3 billion US dollars.

The rivalry between the great powers of the United States and Russia, the third world suffers. The Kazakh riots marked the victory of Russia. After all, Russia is closer to Kazakhstan and has far-reaching historical and cultural influence.

China has the same situation like Kazakhstan, like Hong Kong riots last year, Xinjiang and Taiwan issues recently. But we are not Kazakh, China has much more power in policy and economic worldwide. We believe we can overcome the challenges posed by the United States.