The sealing difference between plastic tube and aluminum tube

The sealing difference between plastic tube and aluminum tube is confused for some new manufacturer. They do not know how to choose the right machine for their production. Here we explain the difference by photos and some simple description to help you to make right decision easier.

The plastic is easy to melted after hot temperature, so the plastic tubes are melted by heating first, then it is sealed by high pressure of two clamps.

The plastic tubes can be heated from outer appearance by heater clamps directly, or be heated from inside by hot air nozzle(the hot air nozzle insert the tube to heat the inside plastic).

The aluminum tube is hard and not easy to melted, so it will be crimped twice (one side is smooth, one side is folded) or three times(two sides are folded) to seal it.

If you just use one material tubes, plastic tubes or aluminum tubes, it is better to buy the specialized machine for it only, it will save you a lot of cost. For plastic tubes, it is SGF-50 automatic type and FGF-5 semi automatic type. For aluminum tubes, it is GFJX-3A-Z auto type and GFJX-3A semi auto type.

If you want to use both plastic tubes and aluminum tubes, there is one special machine to process it, just change the mold for different material tubes. The price is higher than the machine who process one material tubes only. It requires specialized skills from your staff to properly change molds.

If you do not want to change the mold for different material tubes, please buy two separate machines to process plastic tubes and aluminum tubes accordingly. It will save much production time and improve your production capacity.