Hydraulic pressing machine

Hydraulic pressing machine

Introduction of YLS Hydraulic pressing machineļ¼š

The hydraulic pressing machine (discharging machine) is the auxiliary equipment of the planetary mixer or the multi-function mixer. Its function is to discharge or sub-pack the high-viscosity materials produced by the mixer. There are single-cylinder type and double-cylinder type, which are controlled by torque motor. It can press the ink, adhesive, silica gel and other high-viscosity materials in the barrel through the pressing plate to press the material from the pressing plate or the outlet at the bottom of the barrel. It is transported to the pipeline, so as to realize various forms of packaging of materials. The equipment is divided into a lifting type with a barrel and a fixed type.

Suitable material of YLS hydraulic pressing machine:

Various pastes with material viscosity below 5,000,000cps and solid content below 90%; such as battery paste, solder paste, ceramic paste, silicone ink, sealant, structural adhesive, ointment, jam and more than a thousand kinds of materials.